Swing X: Dancing in Victoria

With Byron Alley and friends

Swing X features swing dance lessons in Victoria — Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Balboa, Blues and more — with swing dance champion Byron Alley and other local instructors.

Byron teaching

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SwingX Events on Hiatus

We're no longer running in-person events in Victoria right now, with both the Covid situation and Byron on extended leave from the city!

About Byron

Byron's had a 20+ year dance career, running some of Canada's largest swing dance schools, teaching thousands of students, training over a hundred dance teachers, teaching, judging and winning awards at national and international competitions, coaching and choreographing winning team routines, performing on Canada's most prestigious stages, and appearing in movies and TV.

Byron's currently in Halifax.

Learn to Swing in Victoria!

Here are the Victoria instructors who are familiar with our popular SwingX methods:

Facebook Discussion Group

You're encouraged to join the Swing X Facebook Group where we make announcements and discuss dance videos. If you have questions, it's a good place to ask them!

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